MAF sensor issues.... Stumped

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MAF sensor issues.... Stumped

Postby DallasPirate » Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:34 pm

I installed a new aftermarket MAF 2 days ago, reprogrammed ECU, drove 10 miles to station and we passed state inspection. Drove 10 miles home with no problems. Did an oil change yesterday and during pressure check the CES ABS & VDS lamps come back and she misfires above 2500 rpm. Aaargh!

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Re: MAF sensor issues.... Stumped

Postby silverarrow27 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:16 am

So the ABS & VDS lamps lit, changed the MAF out, Pass inspection, drove home, oil change, and now ABS & VDS laps lit again? Is it VDC or VDS? I'm quite sure it's VDC? I'm new to the R51 myself so forgive me. What type of pressure check were you doing? But the misfires above 2500 rpm definitely sounds MAF related. ABS and VDC has something to do with your wheel speed sensors or something in your brake system. Check brake fluid? Perhaps a brake leak? As for the MAF, does your engine run better with the MAF unplugged?

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Re: MAF sensor issues.... Stumped

Postby smj999smj » Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:04 pm

It's VDC-Vehicle Dynamic Control. When they illuminate with the CEL, start by checking codes for the ECM. When the ECM detects and engine management problem, it will disable the traction control system, which causes the VDC/SLIP warning lights to illuminate to let you know the system is disabled. Make sure you stick with genuine Nissan or an OE brand sensor (i.e. Hitachi, NTK or Denso). Check the two, rubber ducts on your air intake for splits in them that may be allowing unmetered air to enter the engine. Whenever you replace an MAS sensor, make sure you perform and idle air volume relearn procedure.

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