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Postby TooMuchControl » Fri Nov 12, 2021 4:23 pm

Today I test drove the new 2022 Nissan Frontier SV.
4-wheel drive, zero-gravity seats, 6' bed.

I must say, I was taken aback on how little the difference was.

100% there is less wind noise and suspension noise. It is definitely improved in these categories.
My thoughts are : better sound deadening and those new hydraulic body mounts paid off.

I thought, that the 4.0 was smoother than the new 3.8. I was very surprised.
I honestly did not feel any power difference or quickness differences.
When I test drove the new Frontier for about 25 mins and hopped into my was the same feel.

I thought, that my 5 speed clunker of a transmission, has much more predictable and proper gearing between the shifts. A few times, when I gunned the Frontier, and the transmission would overspin before gearing down when letting off the throttle, almost to the point where it had problem finding what gear to use. I've seen this in these 8+ speed transmissions. There's a lot happening down there!

For certain the new transmission helps a lot with the noise of the truck. It is much quieter at higher speeds and the fuel numbers should improve a bit.


Seats: I like my cloth seats better than the mesh material used for the Zero-Gravity. Probably would go to the leather.

Frontier update, hands down wins. It is just a nicer dash, and everything is truck like and the center console has been widened. I love the new dash. A quick look and yep - this new dash and the edges look very close the how the Pathfinder fits the corners. The new dash feels "closer" to you.

That being said - since I've added a rear view camera and SONY XAV (Android Auto), there's no a huge leap in technology that you gain.

Eventually all good things come to an end, but for $55K CAD, my $3K Pathfinder I purchased 4 years ago is one of the best bargains in the automotive industry.

Obviously a pick-up truck has different uses than the Patty. For that reason, it might be worth buying the new Frontier. For certain that truck is going to last a long long time.

For those that have an R51 in good condition, keep it that way. It's worth every damn penny in my opinion.

The only thing that would make me switch the new Frontier? A diesel. Save me 30% on gas, I'd agree with that, but it would have to be priced reasonably. I'd buy one tomorrow if Nissan braved up.

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Postby palmerwmd » Fri Nov 12, 2021 4:42 pm

The new Frontier looks good and I often have a hankering for it as a way to have a "new R51" :D
But of course our vehicles are so good, if you have one in good condition there is little incentive to change.

My R51 is currently getting the underbody de-rusted/repainted and some other minor rust spots fixed.
It is mechanically 100% at 173,000 miles.

Frankly I am amazed that the transmissions shifts like new.
With 173,000 miles (in a V8) that's been used to tow so hard the entire rear suspension needed rebuilding on purchase plus both rear wheel bearings,.. well its amazing

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Postby ShipFixer » Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:15 pm

I haven't seen much reason to spend $40-50K to replace what I already have. No secret the new Nissan Frontier is about like the old Frontier, but nicer on the inside and probably hits emissions targets easier if not delivering better economy (same reason they had to stop making the SR20DE that my Sentra had).

I almost traded last year when I needed to do the timing chain and tensioners (again). If I had to...the new (2020+) Ford Explorer is the closest thing I drove. Similar power, better mileage (with the turbo 4), real RWD and good AWD, etc. Does not ride or handle as well as my Pathfinder stock but that's because it's up against my Bilsteins and Delrin steering bushings, not to mention all my sound damping and insulation. I am happy with my Pathfinder/motorcycle combination I have right now in CA, but if I weren't...the Explorer ST with some immediate suspension upgrades would be hard to beat. Really liked that thing despite the goofy tall screen in the middle console. Ever so slightly better mileage but I really don't care about that, even at CA prices. Just don't drive that much, and if I did the VFR gets up to 46 mpg.

Oh I should say the new Expedition is very close. If I needed more space (and sometimes I feel like I 180mm travel mountain bike and 10 foot surfboards just barely fit in the Nissan) the Expedition would be the next thing up. Drives fantastic for what it is...better than a stock Pathfinder for sure.

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