Black wet plug & cold start smoke, troubleshooting help

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Black wet plug & cold start smoke, troubleshooting help

Postby ajphilipp » Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:43 pm

Hello community, seeking some ideas to narrow down an issue.

1992 Pathfinder SE
112K miles
Recent work: Belt, plugs, wires, rotor and timed.

Issue: (as per mechanic)

1) Black spark plug
Cylinder 4 - black fouled plug, when swapped with a new one, same result, comes out a bit wet and dries black
Tested compression and it was good. No overheating and no coolant loss.

2) Rough idle
Slightly rough in park and then a bit rougher when placed in drive. Once you step on the gas, drives fine.

3) Cold start smoke
Upon cold start, engine revs up for 30 seconds. It then settles and at that point, white smoke for about 5 minutes. It does not appear to be steam, its thicker than steam. Its a fume smell. It then goes away once driving and when engine at warm operating level

Thank you in advance.
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