Headlight adjustments can really do wonders

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Headlight adjustments can really do wonders

Postby palmerwmd » Mon Mar 14, 2022 11:47 pm

Headlight adjustments can really do wonders, even a small adjustment can really improve the perceived quality of the light. :D

I recently had changed my headlights, thread here:

But despite the clearer lenses I never felt an improvement in light.
The lowbeams seemed no better than before and the high beams were diffuse and seems to offer only marginal improvement over low beams.

Today I noticed my left headlight was noticeable higher reflecting on a concrete wall.
I adjusted it down and now there seems noticeably more light on the road in front of me and the high beams actually seem to improve my light by a lot.
Before I had little perceived performance improvement when I turned on the Brights.

So I guess somehow unbeknownst to me, a lot of my left headlights' light must have been wasted going too high both in low and of course then especially in highbeams.

This small adjustment significantly improved the perceived performance of my headlights for me.
Surprised I never got flashed, because those Xtremevision bulbs from Phillips put out noticeably more lumens than the stock halogen bulbs and I am sure my left headlight must have been blinding to oncoming traffic.

Anyhow just wanted t let people know, who may experience dissatisfaction with headlight performance, to try some adjustments to the aim.

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