Halogens do wear out w/o obvious failure...

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Halogens do wear out w/o obvious failure...

Postby palmerwmd » Sat Jul 30, 2022 10:01 pm

So for a while i have been doubting my light set up .
..near the end of this thread:

Between doubting the new headlight assembly... it turns out my bulbs were actually wearing out w/o failing completely.

My Phillips Xtremevision which I was very happy with in the past had been losing Lumens unbeknownst to me.
They were nearly a year and a half ol when I replaced them.
I knew Halogens would lose luster over their life but was unprepared for this much loss before complete failure.
In any event I am glad it was not the headlight assemblies as they are much more difficult and expensive to replace.
9007 Xtreme visions were in there.
Now I have a new pair of these in the car and enjoy good light again:
Today I put in from tirerack Phillips 9007 Nightguide platinum

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