Any high mileage R51's out there with little problems?


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Re: Any high mileage R51's out there with little problems?

Postby FLiPMaRC » Thu May 05, 2022 3:03 pm

2012 SV here @ 116k miles. This is wifey's daily driver. I got me a 2021 Ram 1500 Laramie last year for myself.

No major mechanical problems so far. I keep up with the oil changes every 7.5k miles.

Major maintenance last month:
- New spark plugs
- Serpentine belt
- Differential fluid front/back
- Transfer case fluid (Did tranny fluid last year)
- New tires

I attempted to replace brakes last weekend. Couldn't get the passenger caliper off. After 3 hours, I gave up and put everything back. I'll either get my friend to help me out, or bring it to a shop later on.

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Re: Any high mileage R51's out there with little problems?

Postby palmerwmd » Thu May 05, 2022 7:56 pm

Might as well update too.
At 177,000 miles on my 4x4 V8 now.
Nothing major ever broke while I owned it but previous owner broke rear springs, and blew the rear shocks..

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Re: Any high mileage R51's out there with little problems?

Postby TooMuchControl » Sat May 07, 2022 6:44 am

We should really change this to include high engine hours (how to get that information of the computer?).

Pretty sure some folks drive in the city and the mileage could appear meek compared to some of the nomads here :)

That being said - it's impressive to see what mileage folks put on these R51s over the years.

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Re: Any high mileage R51's out there with little problems?

Postby SETI20 » Wed Aug 03, 2022 7:22 am

Ended up selling the R51 V6 with 330.000km on it. Started to have wear and tear issues. Fixed rust a couple of times. Plastic components in the engine bay started to fail. Replaced the heater core with pump and lines and everything, and because of the dual-zone climate control in the LE that turned out to be expensive. Had to replace a few hoses that were dry rotting, that was fine. But there were a lot of little plastic components under the hood that were starting to worry me, after the whole heater core adventure that ended up dumping every last drop of coolant on the road. Besides these issues, mainly just wear, and replacement parts started to total up to the value of the car. Did wheel bearings, but brakes needed work, a couple of bushings were suspect, tie rod ends needed done...list was growing.
Spent a weekend washing, polishing, vacuuming and whatnot and sold it to a guy that was looking for an off roader for his property. Seemed to be a handy guy and he was doing the work himself.

Moved on to a 2018 4Runner last fall. Have to admit I miss the Pathy. It had more character, despite the Runner being a better truck (at twice the price).

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