Car rough idles random times

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Car rough idles random times

Postby jetstream87 » Sun Jan 29, 2023 10:12 am

I drive a 97 Nissan Pathfinder SE, notice that the car starts to rough idles at random occasions but not frequent. The only code that comes up is P0161 that's about it, the milage is 205K......when it starts to idle rough I give it a bit of gas and it regulates itself. Usually the issue starts at times during morning starts, two weeks ago I was at a stop light and it began to idle rough so I gave it some gas and it started to idle fine. Any ideas?? Some say it may be the spark plugs, there is no other code that comes up.

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Re: Car rough idles random times

Postby Madcrafter52 » Tue Feb 07, 2023 1:49 pm

If your scan tool is capable, check your o2 sensor voltages and short term fuel trims. Failing o2 sensors can cause some annoying issues, dont ask me how I know :P

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