Small orbital polishers

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Small orbital polishers

Postby ShipFixer » Tue Apr 11, 2023 8:49 pm

Discovered these are now ubiquitous, and I am super impressed. I have a 3" and 6" orbital already, but a.) they tend to fling polish pretty far and b.) they are overkill for minor corrections, etc. The new school battery powered ones with 1" and 2" wheels are legit. Here's the one I got, and it's working out great: ... =UTF8&th=1

Comes with a large collection of foam and wool pads, 1" and 2" wheels, and two extension shafts to get the pad further from the head if you need it.

Here's my front bumper the day after I polished it with this thing:


That's 13 year old paint that's crossed the country ~5 times or so. I was able to get closer to the trim edges, all the way in and around the lower radiator opening, and right up close to the headlights. (Coated right away with Gtechniq CSL and EXO v4.) Was not able to get this close-in with the 3" orbital the last time.

There's another spot on my truck I wish I'd taken a photo of but I didn't, and the small orbital is perfect for this. I filled in an ~8" long scratch on my rear hatch with touch up paint using a toothpick, wiped it very flush, then covered it close with acrylic lacquer clear coat. Wet sanded a tiny bit, then hit it with rubbing compound through final polish with this thing. It's still "there," but I'd have to point it out to you. This thing is so convenient there's no reason not to attack scratches right away since you really are just repairing a tiny bit.

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Re: Small orbital polishers

Postby palmerwmd » Sun Apr 16, 2023 1:51 pm

That looks really nice.
Need to look into getting one :)

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