Clockspring Repair - $20

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Clockspring Repair - $20

Postby TooMuchControl » Mon Sep 11, 2023 4:34 pm

Finally completed my little project of adding a heated steering wheel.

For my 2005, this was quite a bit of work, as the 05 never had this option, and there was no pre-wiring of any kind.

Everything had to be repinned except the steering angle sensor which I transferred over.

I used the excellent posts below to complete the work. ... st-1880841


Was able to find a clockspring from a recycler, only to find that the spiral cable was still faulty - one contact - damn it.

Researched a bit and decided to order the spiral cables from Alibaba.
There are many sources for this.

The heated steering wheel clockspring was near impossible to find in the aftermarket,and getting one from a recycler might just have the same problem after 'short' while - haha. I tried to see if I could save some $$$ doing it this way, and so far, so good.

I used this video to assist me with some confidence that it can be done...all you need is a simple precision screwdriver and some good glasses. ... =CalvinLau

This is the example piece
(admit that I ordered from AliExpress and two arrived for $20 shipped. I wanted a spare in case I messed up on the first one).

Obviously this is my own risk, but the replacement part was identical.

I will post photos of the work for anyone interested.

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