Clicking Sounds

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Clicking Sounds

Postby Cr@2y Gr33k » Thu Feb 15, 2024 7:37 am

Hello all, it's been a few since I posted anything to this forum. I had done some suspension work last year to my 2011. Rear shock absorbers, new driver side outer tie rod, and new sway bar links. After the work was done, I am hearing clicking noises coming from under the car when going over bumps, uneven roads. It really is kind of annoying after spending close to $1,000 to replace all that stuff. Any one have any experience with this or have had something similar happen to them?

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Re: Clicking Sounds

Postby TooMuchControl » Thu Feb 15, 2024 9:13 pm

clicking, doesn't immediately make me think of suspension.
Noises need to be isolated to make sense of them, or you will wind up driving yourself mad trying to find them.

It makes me think of the heat shields attached to the exhaust / cross pipe, and those clamps that hold them, rusting out of snapping off. If one of them has broken, loose or snapped, the other side of shield is hitting the pipe on every bump. Might be worth a shot.

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Re: Clicking Sounds

Postby ShipFixer » Sun Mar 10, 2024 7:01 pm

Since I'm fixing them right now, add front body mounts to that list. Bunch of stuff in the front can sound unfortunately identical.

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