97 Pathfinder SE O2 Question

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97 Pathfinder SE O2 Question

Postby jetstream87 » Sat Feb 24, 2024 1:42 am

There are two parts to my sad story:

Part one: May 2023 I swapped my O2 sensors from my 97 Pathfinder. OBD-2 only picked up Sensor 2 bank 2 error. I decided to have all 4 sensors swapped with Bosch, everything was fine until November the car would take turns on selecting with sensor to throw on my CEL. Now it shows that all 4 are bad, when they are all getting voltage properly, but I am experiencing rough idle when I travel to work. I drive total 24 miles/day - in which in the mornings the car does not give me trouble unless I stop by for coffee or breakfast, then it starts up rough idling (this is already at operating temps: needle in the middle). The car revs to keep itself running, stabilizes, drive off and boom! Oil, battery, and forgot the third one that turns on. It would start up right away or some instances 2 - 3 cranks to get it going. Then a few short distance again it would turn off with the smell of raw fuel. I am swapping the oxygen sensors again - currently I have new Bosch #13224/13264 in which are for the right side. Does the go are right side as in passenger side or this goes on the left side driver side?

Part two: On 2021 - my engine overheated in which I was able to get the heads resurfaced. Upon inspecting the engine I realized that the EGR valve is missing the TDV assembly tube that connects to the second EGR (Part# 14750-0W000 Tube Assy-TDV Control). I tried looking for this part however no luck online, there was this Japanese site that indicated in stock - ordered it - few days later they wrote back it was out of stock. Nissan parts has it as discontinued, for the moment I have a plug on that port to prevent air getting in. anyone would advise an alternative solution for this?

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Re: 97 Pathfinder SE O2 Question

Postby palmerwmd » Tue Feb 27, 2024 11:56 pm


I am sorry no one has gotten to your question yet. The folks who can help with R50 are getting fewer every year. :|

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