Pathfinder vs Explorer


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Postby NVSteve » Mon May 18, 2009 9:02 am

blink32 wrote:Good to get some clarification on that. I could definitely see that being a much desired option if I had a full load of passengers often.
I had to check this out over the weekend myself. Doesn't recline-1 position only. The default position of the middle seats feels like 90 degrees, and I'd certainly hate to be sitting that straight for more than a few minutes. I've never had 3 passengers in the back, so nobody has ever been in the middle, thus no complaints.

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pathy v exploder

Postby outoforder » Thu May 21, 2009 8:41 am

I feel qualified to comment on this thread as I went from an 00 explorer to an 05 pathfinder. The difference is night and day. At first I liked the explorer because of the room and versatility but as the repairs added up I started to really dislike the vehicle. It just seemed like it was slapped together with no concern for durability. My pathfinder has been outstanding-with the exception of some very minor problems. It looks great, has a very strong motor and is extremely roomy and versatile with the 3rd row seat. I am going to try and keep the pathy for a very long time.

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Postby dmasini » Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:12 pm

Before getting my 08 Pathy I owned a 97 Explorer and a 2001 Explorer and I can't say anything bad about them. They were capable SUV's that drove well and performed better than expected. Went past 100k miles on both with only minor problems. I had a 3" lift w/ 33 BFG A/T's on the 2001 that never got stuck with everything I threw at it.

With that being said, after owning two Explorers back to back I needed something different. I think I've gone on about this in a previous thread but when I started looking for something else it came down to an H3 Alpha and my LE V8. The H3 didn't have the room the Pathfinder had. The Explorer past 2001 went to the IRS setup and I just didn't like they way they drove. The V8 Pathy was just the best all-around for comfort and convienence (minus the soft rear). Also has balls compared to the Ex's V8 which is geared more for towing.

And as a side note, I've taken the Pathy out on the beach a couple times now and I feel it handles a lot better stock than did my modified Ex.

Go Pathfinder, in the long run I think you'll be happier with the purchase. And you'll actually have some resale value if you ever get rid of it.

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Postby bender031 » Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:36 pm

My Experience:

Owned a 2005 Pathfinder SE Off-road from 2005-2008 (totalled by dear impact)
Currently own a 2008 Explorer Limited

since both vehicles fall within the same model designs i think i might have some valuable input. (05+ pathy 06+ explorer)

Pathfinder was reliable. put 47k miles on it with minimal trouble. Engine and drivetrain are solid. 4.0 was quick and liked to rev. it rode like a truck, and the engine is a bit rough and noisy. (but like i said Quick!)
black interior scratched kind of easy and felt hard. bose sound system was much better than the ford audiophile. pahfinder was better off-road (i had off-road package and no auto 4x4 just 2wd, 4wd, low in my opinion though it was not as good in snow and rain as the explorer. always wanted to plow. (even after replacing tires with bridgestone REVOs).

held it's value pretty well as insurance settled with me for 18k (3 years old and 47k miles).

Explorer: I have a v8 AWD. rides like a luxary sedan. smooth and quiet. lower feel and more solid on the highway. the pathfinder v6 was quick, the v8 in the explorer has nice torque but definitly not as rev-happy as the nissan v6. features are very similar and interior is layed out about the same. less rattles in the explorer. my nissan was plagued with rattles both inside and out. feels very solid in rain and snow and at higher speeds. havent and dont plan to take it off-road. but the pathy definitely would have the nod there. back seat is more comfortable in the explorer (2nd and 3rd rows).

we have owned numerous explorers from all generations (93, 96, 01, 03, 08) and this was my first pathy but the family has owned nissans from 00, 04, 05, 08) you won't be disappointed with either choice, and unless you get a lemon, either will be a reliable sturdy vehicle.

couple of other notes
05 was the first year of that generation pathfinder, there are some known quirks that you may want to look into (TSBs) idler pully i believe, rust on rear gate, rear springs, trailer wiring...
06 was the first year of that generation explorer. the interior door handles are a huge pain on the 06, 07+ were better. v8 6spd auto needs a software update on some 06 v8s to fix a hard shift to first upon stopping.

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Postby ColoradoPeople » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:07 pm

Prior to purchasing our '07 PF, it had come down to the PF and the Explorer. But the Explorers V8 and the PF's V6 were only 12 hp different, and the reliability ratings between the two according to consumer reports showed the PF to be more reliable. We are VERY happy with our choice. 50,000 miles on our '07 now, and we are VERY happy!

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Postby fresnoDave » Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:15 am

I owned a 2002 explorer and will never own another ford as long as I live.
The rear end howls, tranny failed at 71k, ac blend doors break, window regulator cables break, etc. etc....

I learned too late that the 02 was the worst ever year for explorers, this time I did some research and I feel the Pathfinder is the best choice.
The worst problem for the Pathfinder may be that it is prone to rust, but I live in a very dry area where rust is not a big factor.

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Postby me&pathy » Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:36 pm

i drove around in a ford expedition not that it counts good truck ate head gaskets at only 25k the 4.6l was okay nothing exciting. But the pathy hauls ass, rattles like a bean can though. the bose is so so the front seats are great the second and third rows are like getting punched in the kidneys though. Myns only a 2wd but its been in some pretty bad trails and did great. That 4.0l in pathfinder is great very smooth i think and the torque is great when passing.

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