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Chip tuning...

Postby GOTTI » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:58 pm

What kind of gains are you seeing with your chip/programming and what are you using?
I am interested in purchasing one for my 05 but not to clear on what to get right now.

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Postby jkdelz » Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:53 am

I'm having tuning chip and change the ECU using Delphi language.

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Postby CPLTECH » Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:29 am

This is a running diary of my VOLO FS3 experience:

RE: 2006 Nissan Pathfinder 4.0L, V6 4WD

Can not say I’m a hyper miler, but always been mileage conscious. My 2006 Nissan Pathfinder has a rather accurate factory built in avg MPG gauge. Before that, I bought a kit from Australia, OZ Trip Computer, that gave me instantaneous MPG or avg (+ lots more options) on my 98 Tahoe. Took an engineer to figure out how to make it function, but it worked great once I talked a co-worker into programming it for me. Years before, I put a Sears MPG gauge on a 78 Chevy van. It required magnets strapped to the driveshaft and a flow meter in the fuel line (how many remember that?). Can’t wait to just “plug in” a Scan Gauge some day in the near future. I also use store brand synthetic oil and an oil hyper lubricant that truckers swear by. If it makes my chain saw run cooler, hey, it’s got to help my car, too.

Currently, I am experimenting with the Volo Performance model FS3 purchased early January 2011 to improve mileage. It gets wired into the OBD II wiring. An email response from the company explains: “The chip reads the ECU and only the ECU's calculated fuel delivery and timing values are altered.” I will mention that I drove 600 miles to the east mid-Feb 2011 using cruise control for the most part at speeds generally 67-69 MPH. Used Shell & BP reg 87 fuel only (no noticeable difference of brands between fill-ups) & got 22.16MPG. But on the return westerly trip under similar conditions except very strong headwinds we got 18.99 MPG. I feel this was an improvement since this is winter blend calculations, but last July it was normal to get ~20MPG on interstate travel and at a slightly slower speed. Looking forward to summer’s figures.

Another example:
Trip to daughter is 30 miles round trip. Best summer driving in a 98 Tahoe was 15 MPG. After buying this used 06 Pathfinder, I was thrilled that it got 18 MPG in warm weather (without the VOLO). However, the month of March (winter blend) it registered 20.1 MPG !!! Now, in the middle of June it is up to 22.2 MPG. Odometer reads 76K.

We make an annual trip of 200 miles, (150 mi of interstate, 50 mi of state highway) around April. Last yr I got 21.8 MPG. This time it was 20.1. What’s with that??? Was it the slightly cooler temp?

Another trip that we can compare with the previous year is a 140 miles round trip, all interstate. This yr (July 2011) with the VOLO and 41% Shell prem 93 in the tank, it gave 23.7MPG w/AC on 75% of the time. Last yr 2 similar trips in a hot July on Shell reg 87 was 21.74 &19.56, an avg of 20.5MPG.

I applaud those who are able to get high numbers in those high MPG cars. Just understand that this Pathfinder is not fulfilling my WANTS, it is for my NEEDS. As a result, I make the effort to reduce fuel usage where possible.

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