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Postby volvite » Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:14 pm

Zen_master wrote:
volvite wrote:
NmexMAX wrote:Let's keep in mind though, those things (older models) are beasts offread even with the unibody. Solid front and rear axles, V8, MT, etc.

I also refer to it as the Murano XL on other forums too. Of course, I got it from here, not sure from who, probably one of you guys.
I had a 1999 Jeep grand Cherokee limited. It had the 4.7L V8, Dana 35 front, dana 44a rear, with limited slip, quadra drive system. Sold it to my older brother to pay for a hunting trip last year, but man that JEEP was a beast. Loved it. It went everywhere I wanted it to go and some. I just visited my family this past week and was able to see my old jeep and sure miss that beast. It was so capable off road, and still had all the luxury inside. Leather, dual climate control, good OEM radio. If my brother was selling it, I'd buy it back in a heart beat. Oh forgot to mention it also had a 4 inch rough country lift that I installed with 32.1 inch MTRs and a hitch mounted rear spare tire carrier. It was also able to tow 6800. Great rig. That model is the WJ, and it's made from 99-04 if you are looking to buy one.
volvite wrote:
skinny2 wrote: Similar story. I bought a '99 Ltd V8 new and put 100k on it in 3 years then sold it to my uncle. He just sold it a couple years ago with over 200k miles and never did much to it. Original engine/tranny for sure.

If I buy a JGC, it will be a 2014 which now has 8-speed auto and improved mpg. But honestly they're just overpriced. A basic V8 Ltd is over $40k at invoice. I paid about the same for a FAR better equipped Acura MDX which in 100k miles is worth multitudes more than the JGC.

I still watch for the WJs while I'm driving. Even being almost 10 years old for they still have a great style.

As for the 14s, they are expensive, but so are the new pathfinders. I bought my 08 V8 used with less than 20K miles. But if I did my research right, I think it sold new for over $40K.
Great to hear all of the Jeep love on these boards. I was raised in a Jeep family and we always had one or more growing up. I still have a '98 XJ Limited with 175k on the odometer. It has an aFe intake, Banks headers, an Old Man Emu heavy duty lift, a Magnaflow exhaust, and the '99+ intake manifold conversion. Never had an issue with it offroad and I've taken it through creeks and rivers and snow banks etc. Just an all around great vehicle I can't bear to get rid of so it sits on blocks for half the year in the garage.

Ammo, you did your research right. My '11 V8 LE originally retailed for 43k. Of course I opted to buy it off a lease turn in as I would not pay that much but simply confirming your suspicions they were expensive for the top of the line models when new. And I agree, the WJ was a good model run for the Grand Cherokee. It was much better than its successor the WK from 05-10 which suffered from the Daimler parent company style influence. The only good thing that came out of the WK model run was the SRT team got involved.

My biggest issue with the new Grand Cherokee is there are so many different trim levels. I think the last I looked there were half a dozen including two ultra premium levels the commonly used Overland badging and something new to this model called the Summit edition. I don't want to constantly be looking over my shoulder with each model year worrying Jeep is going to best the model I bought. You mentioned your Acura. We have an Acura in my household and they do it right. Essentially you get the option of navigation or no navigation. All other options are standard on the car.

R52 = glorified minivan.

I agree with all the different trim levels. There used to be two, Laredo and Limited, then expanded in 03/04 to include the Overland, and now there is a 4th trim, the Summit. I guess 5 if you include the SRT. Even with the confusing trim levels, I think if I were to get something new, I'd trade the wife's LE pathfinder in for an Overland as it has all the same features our LE has. My sister still drives her 01 Laredo WJ with 260K miles on the same motor and transmission. In all honesty, she's only done basic repairs. My 99 Limited I sold to my brother and he is still driving it around. Does not have near the same miles as my sister's WJ, but It's also been lifted and oversized tires which cause more wear on the driveline. Still runs like a champ.

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Postby DreamerzCC » Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:34 pm

Well we have a 2013 Infiniti JX35 which is the other version and better version IMO and we love it. Nothing at all like the Pathy we all love.

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