DIY: Leather Cleaning (Video)

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DIY: Leather Cleaning (Video)

Postby ProStreetDriver » Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:38 am

Video tutorial on how to clean and condition your leather seats. Taking care of your leather will help prevent it from excessively wearing out or cracking over time. When cleaning the leather, you want to make sure any debris which can scratch or damage the leather is removed before whipping it down and applying a conditioner.

Tools/Supplies Needed:
-bucket of warm water
-2 clean lint free cloths
-Spray Nine mixed with water (50/50)
-soft tooth brush
-leather conditioner (I use Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner)

-first start by cleaning any debris off the seat which can cause scratches using the vacuum
-now spreading any of the leather seams, using the tooth brush and vacuum, brush the seam cracks to clean the debris
-brush gently so you don't destroy the finish on the leather
-using the hot water and cloth, give the seat a good whip down
-if there is any stains or dirt, use the diluted mixed solution of Spray Nine, spraying it on the cloth and rubbing the area gently
-whip down the seat again with a damp cloth to ensure there is no soap residue left over
-wait for the seat to dry
-generously apply the condition to the seat and ensure there is an even coat over the leather
-apply more coats of leather conditioner if needed

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