help wiring aftermarket stereo & keeping stock amplifier

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help wiring aftermarket stereo & keeping stock amplifier

Postby [email protected] » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:08 am

I have a 1993 SE with the 8 speaker stereo system I installed the new deck and got it to power on and I think I figured out that one of the blue wires needs to be spliced to the amp turn on wire from my deck and that's for the rear speakers but my question is, is there 2 amps in my car and is there a separate power wire for each amp or will the one blue amp wire turn on both of the amps because I have been searching online and looking into this for about 2 weeks now and every single wiring diagram that I have found is not the same as mine and I have found a few forums that a person has the same exact problem I was having and there wiring was the same as mine and and they also couldn't find the wiring diagram for there. I bought a wiring harness and tried to install the deck that way but some of the factory wires arent in line with the wiring harness so I had to cut then as police them please help me I'm going crazy

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