Limp mode under continues load - Pathy 2006 dCi

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Limp mode under continues load - Pathy 2006 dCi

Postby DotanWeinstein » Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:27 pm


I own a 2006 2.5 dCi Pathfinder with 290k km.

Lately, after catalytic converter clean and EGR cancellation I'm experiencing traction fall (limp mode ?) during continues load (climbing a hill, or continues acceleration).

I'm monitoring the OBD2 protocol. I've notice that prior to the limp mode the MAP value drops from 38 psi to 0.0 (zero). Parallel to that the boost value jump to 30 psi and drop to vacuum (from 20 psi before everything starts). After two seconds comes the limp mode. removing the foot from the pedal being everything back to normal until the next time.

The MAP value at idle (or when the engine is off) is 14 psi.

I believe the MAP sensor is the reason for the entire fault.

Am I right ?

Does anyone experienced the same behavior ?

can anyone define the exact part number for the MAP sensor ?

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