Parts swap / strip down of 1995

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Parts swap / strip down of 1995

Postby volox » Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:41 pm

I've finally finished my engine swap and gotten my beloved Pathfinder back on the road.

In the meantime I had bought another one of the same year to use as a daily driver that had fewer miles on it. Some things are in better shape on one or the other so I'm parts swapping to the one I want to keep.

Interested if folks have any input on parts I should definitely strip and keep as spares even if I don't swap them in right now?
Or if anyone has suggestions on things that have high value that I should part-out and sell?

Also willing to take requests if someone is looking for a part that I might be able to pull.

The one I'm not going to keep is in decent running condition but I get the feeling that the tranny is going to need a rebuild if it goes much longer and the tires need replacement and exterior paint is peeling. Unless someone knocks on my door to buy it from me after I'm done grabbing parts, I'll probably just donate what's left or have it hauled to the scrap yard.

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