Intelligent Key Intermittent Issues

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Intelligent Key Intermittent Issues

Postby dmchan » Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:32 pm

So, I know this has been seen before. I've probably spent 20 hours now searching for the solution but I haven't found the fix on any forums yet. If you know where that writeup lives *please* point me there.

Issue: Intelligent Key system intermittent failure.
Varying weather, locations, times, etc. Failure being that the key and vehicle are not communicating, at all (so far as I can tell). The proximity buttons dont work, the keyfob doesnt work, and the ingition system doesn't recognize the key as being present. Total failure so far as I'm concerned.

This started in 2017 and has gotten progressively worse. At first, it was once here or there. Then it was once or twice a month. It has progressed to the point where it works around 25% of the time I need to access the vehicle. Which is very frequently. I have not been able to discern any patterns despite trying.

Attempted fixes: I have tried to change the batteries. I've tried both fobs. There are no LEDs in the cabin (Only a light bar mounted way up top and separated by an aluminum air diverter). I've unplugged my bluetooth receiver and all the other peripherals. I've tried kicking the rocker steps. I've tried smacking the door. I've tried rocking her gently. I've tried rocking her less gently. I've tried whispering sweetly into her side mirror. I've tried yelling at her. I'd rather not try dipping my stick in her...

I've found the system parts breakdown and it seems like it consists of:
(B) 285E1-ZS31A Controller Assy-Smart Keyless
(C) 285E7-ZS30B Antenna-Door, Smart Keyless
(D)285E5-89900 Antenna Assy-Room, Smart Keyless
(E) 28595-9CH0B Controller Assy-Keyless
(G) 285E5-89905 Antenna-Smart Keyless, Room ... m=253_A004

Given that all antennae fail simultaneously, I doubt its those (C, D, or G). I don't mind tearing into the pathy to replace whatever is going wrong but I hate shotgunning parts in like that.
Maybe it has to do with the BCM rather than the keyless components?

I have a feeling if I go to a dealer, they're not really going to be of much help with an intermittent failure (probably even if it's failing while the vehicle is in their hands).

I'm losing my damn mind with this problem. Does anyone have any leads on how to troubleshoot this down to the failing component?

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