Stereo Sounds like speakers are blown. need help

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Stereo Sounds like speakers are blown. need help

Postby BillyBanana » Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:44 pm

I had a 1992 but I just got a 1995. The speakers don't sound so good, they actually sound blown. My 92 only needed speaker wires hooked up, but the 95 needs a power wire hooked up to get them to work. Now I dont know how good the speakers are, but they don't sound very good. Also, the front speakers were not working, they were very low and sounded very distorted, all of a sudden they started working at proper volume, but just are not that crisp. The radio is out of my 92 so I know thats good. I guess I can swap out the speakers, but Im not real sure of how to even get to them without pulling off the whole door panel.
Any suggestions? THANKS

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Postby Bradwm2 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:45 pm

hey ive had a similar problem i had pioneer 6.5 speakers in the front that sounded like they had been set on fire. if you hit or slap the door panel right over the speaker does it change at all? i later found out my passengerside door speake was grounding out on the door from the screw i put in it to secure it? if it is the same problem does anybody have anyideas to fix the problem?

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Postby azscott » Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:45 pm

Well if the speakers are original...they are probably dry rotted around the cone edges. This will make them sound like [email protected]
It is not that tough to take the door panels off and yes you have to take them off.
You have to take out a few screws in and around the arm rest...seems like you have to unthread the door lock if yours has the kind that has a plunger by the window ( I have an 87)....and the bezel around the door handle comes off.
Then the edges of the door panel pop out with a little force as they are just held in with those white ribbed fittings...then the door panel lifts up a bit as it rests on window lip....and if you have electric locks and windows you can disconnect the connector behind the panel.
Just buy new speakers...they are cheap enough at Wamart.

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