Northern NJ / NY Suburb Dealers (Most stink)

Discuss your dealer buying and servicing experiences here. And just the facts mam, let's keep the libel to a minimum please.

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Northern NJ / NY Suburb Dealers (Most stink)

Postby fourml8r » Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:27 am

Just bought a 2008 Pathfinder SE 4x4 V6, here is my dealer experience. Tell me if you notice a pattern.

Open Road Morristown - Ordered my truck and when it came in it was damaged (Dinged, chipped and poorly detailed). found out dealer knew of damage before getting vehicle. I refused delivery. They said they would get me another truck, the next day they cancelled the deal altogether. They really suck.

North Plainfield Nissan NJ - Sucks. Salesman said they had SE model in stock and he would fax the offer to me. Hours later, no fax and manager calls to say he has no SE models in stock. 1/2 hour later salesman calls back to ask if deal is done, i tell him manager said no SE in stock, he says of course we do. No one there knows what is going on.

Nissan World of Springfield - Sucks. Internet sales manager emailed me offer (All inclusive). he was supposed to fax the offer to me in writing. never heard back. finally hours later manager called me and said offer was +TTL, not all inclusive, even though email specifically says tax /fees included. Terrible liars.

North Bergenfield - Salesman was nice but insisted on tacking on $350 worth of window etching and dealer fees. Told him, drop the fees and you got a deal. They said no, so no deal.

Lynnes Nissan Stanhope NJ - Nice people, but prices were much higher than other dealers in area.

RT23 Automall Butler NJ - Nice people, but prices were much higher than other dealers in area.

RT46 Nissan Totowa - Bought car there but liars also. Dealer said there was no $5,000 dealer cah available on pathfinders. 5 minutes later tells me his friend bought one but only got $3,000 of the $5,000 (So now it exists????). nudged him to $4,000 and finally $5,000.

Several dealers that never responded to inquiries:

Somerset Nissan


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Only dealt with 2 dealers:

Postby Squeeze06 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:15 pm

I did a lot of research before I even went to talk to a dealer in person. I became familiar with tne NissanUSA website and a number of dealers in the Northern NJ area. After checking the available 06 SE models with the extras I wanted there were only 2 dealers that I had to visit.

Route 22 Nissan: Avoid these guys!!! Prices far to high, dealer contact lacking professionalisim and slow with getting back to customer.

Hudson Nissan: More professional, not to much haggling about the price. Got everything I wanted in the truck for a little more than $32k.

Before you go to any dealer to purchase a car, do your homework. I had a list of prices from other dealers (obtained via the internet), the Kelly Blue Book Value (showing depreciation), info from (showing what others were paying for the same vehicle). I addition to that I had the down payment in cash and proof of financing prior to visiting the dealers. I needed nothing from the dealer but a good price and the vehicle.

Being prepared got me from the salespersons desk to finalizing papperwork in about 30 minutes. The Pathfinder was already on-site. It was detailed and ready to go in about 90 minutes. In all, the purchase was about $3,000 less than the price at Route 22 Nissan.

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Postby Mr Mayor » Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:29 pm

HA! We're neighbors then. I have a post up about Somerset, skip them.

U try Hilltop East Hanover? How about Denville Nissan ?(Both on Route 10)

Now my advice. Dealers hate the fax/email/internet game.... there supposed to be good at it, but the competition is cut-throat. Get in yer car and visit.

As for Edmonds, go get ALL THREE, Edmonds, KBB and NADA.. cuz whichever one U say u have, they dont use..... Common trick.


EDIT: I'm a dummy, just realized U bought one. Enjoy!

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nj dealers suck

Postby njpathfinder2009 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:56 am

i just went through this in NJ. ended up at ACME in South Brunswick. deal went pretty smooth. the only other place i would go is NISSAN WORLD OF RED BANK. i spent a bunch of time calling almost every dealer in tristate area. neither of these were close for me but i feel it is worth a drive to work with a decent dealer.

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Postby markspath » Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:20 pm

Marginjoey wrote:U try Hilltop East Hanover? How about Denville Nissan ?(Both on Route 10)
Stay away from Denville Nissan on Rt. 10. Tag-team high-pressure sales tactics that will make even an experienced car buyer's head spin. You'll be giving-up your wallet, life's savings and maybe some bodily limbs before you can get out the door. And what they don't get up-front they will get when you come back for service. Then 6 months later your salesperson is gone along with any promises of loaner cars and service discounts.

Then again, maybe I just had a bad experience and they're really saints! :wink:

I concur with the assessment of Route 23 Nissan: real nice guys but not competitive on vehicle pricing. However, I found their prices for service to be more reasonable than others in my area (Morris county).

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Postby kev1n » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:35 am

anyone dealt with Nissan of North Plainfield?

I am very hesitant to go near Hillside Route 22 Nissan, even though they seem to have a hoard of pre-owned pathfinders. They list all the prices in on their website as requiring financing through the dealer which is BS after you account for the amount of interest. What if you are payin cash?

Also do all of these dealers tack on BS Fees on top of the agreed price? How do you work that into the negotiaion ? Route 22's deal was not a a deal after doc/prep/etching fees were about $1000.

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