Anyone use XM Radio? Need some input

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Anyone use XM Radio? Need some input

Postby NVSteve » Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:01 am

Has anyone had any problems with programming changes and their factory XM? It seems that a few stations got moved around to higher numbers and the Nissan supplied XM tuner can't access them. A call to XM resulted in two options: get a new HU & new XM tuner, or order the part from Nissan. The Nissan part # is the same exact one they have been using for a number of years, so no help there. Of course the current XM tuners on the market won't work because the connectors are different than the Nissan tuner. I also can't seem to find a wiring diagram for the XM tuner connector, otherwise I would cut off the Nissan connector and wire up a female XM connector.

I'm also wondering if XM is full of it as I can't find any posts anywhere that discuss not being able to access higher numbered channels. This is concerning our 2011 Xterra, not the Pathfinder-I'm clueless about sat radio as I have never used it. Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, etc.?

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Postby 08SEPATHV8 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:44 am

Mine goes up to 260. '08 SE

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