2-3OHM speakers

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2-3OHM speakers

Postby nismopath » Fri Mar 05, 2021 2:31 pm

I can only find one option for 2 or 3ohm speakers from Crutchfield. Anyone have any other options ? I need to replace my front doors, one cracked and is making awful sounds. I dont need the best, just something to replace it, other than buying a used one.

I saw the last thread the person had used the JBL GX962, but that is discontinued and I cant find any available. Would the new version 963 work fine?

https://www.amazon.com/JBL-GX962-2-Way- ... =UTF8&th=1

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Re: 2-3OHM speakers

Postby Wahooo » Thu Mar 02, 2023 8:41 pm

Curious if you ever found some.

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Re: 2-3OHM speakers

Postby bozoneX » Sun Mar 26, 2023 8:43 pm

Bose or base stereo? Components sets where the 6x9 plays the low end in the door and the tweeter/wideband plays the higher frequencies are somewhat mated. to one another Specifically, the crossover between them and the sensitivity is really important, since you can't adjust any of that stuff with a stock head unit. I would replace the doors and the dash speakers together with a crossover. 4-ohm will be OK, maybe a tiny bit quieter. This Onehttps://www.sonicelectronix.com/item-18 ... SS269.html is probably good.

If you really want 2 or 3 ohm to just replace the door woofer, Infinity, JBL, and CDT make them.

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