Installing a DMH-1700NEX possible?

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Installing a DMH-1700NEX possible?

Postby SDGuero » Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:00 pm

My 2011 Silver edition has a janky aux input and my bluetooth adapter cuts out a lot. I also have a blown out speaker up front. I talked to a local car audio installer who said he has replaced R51 pathfinder Bose system before and said I really just need to get a harness adapter for my new head unit. Well I went home and saw a good deal on this new Pioneer DMH-1700NEX unit ($300) so I bought it.

Installer claimed it would work fine with backup camera and steering wheel controls but I'm dubious. I'm also concerned about the AC controls. Right now I'm leaning towards returning this head unit and just looking at hardwiring a better bluetooth solution into the stock head unit and replacing front speakers myself.

Has anyone replaced the head unit in their R51 with a Pioneer NEX unit? Any thoughts on this project?

My pathy only has 60k miles so I'd like to get this working so I can have many more years of quality audio in this vehicle...


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Re: Installing a DMH-1700NEX possible?

Postby TooMuchControl » Wed Oct 20, 2021 6:02 pm

Chiming in...

Trust your installer.

I have a Sony XAV, replaced my BOSE, and with a couple of basic adapters, everything works.

If you think for any reason that it would not Crutchfield (online Chat)
They sell the same head unit online that you just purchased.

Ask them to give you a quote for everything you need to hook up to the factory stereo, and they will not only tell you what you need, they will also include the wiring diagrams on how to do it.

Then go to your installer and compare notes, and you will know that everything will work.

Crutchfield know their stuff. They are almost legendary in the radio business.
If they tell you, you can't do it, they are probably right.

I have a Sony XAV replacing my BOSE (with Sub) and I have integrated the rear camera no problem. That's a seperate thing to tie into, at the reverse lights. Make sure to know if your new head unit had parking lines built in.

I've installed this MYSELF and I didn't know much on how to do it. If I can figure it out, a radio installer would know for sure.

I have Andriod Auto working, bluetooth and everything. No problem whatsoever.

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