Weird intake ticking noise when A/C on

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Weird intake ticking noise when A/C on

Postby r50pathcr » Thu Jul 07, 2022 9:13 pm

Hello everyone,

I have a 2004 Pathfinder R50 with VQ35DE engine....

This week I noticed a very weird ticking/clicking noise on the left side of the engine... I think is coming from the intake manifold, but not sure to be honest...

The noise is not noticeable unless you pop the hood and if and only if the A/C is on... otherwise it won't occur...

I recorded a couple of videos, one with the A/C off and the other one with the A/C on, so you can tell the difference:

Engine sound with A/C OFF:

And this one is where you can hear the ticking/clicking noise:

Any idea what could be wrong here? There are no performance issues at all, not other symptoms... A/C works perfectly... and the sound is definitely not coming from the compressor... is totally on the left side of the engine, opposite to where the compressor is located... and once you turn the A/C off, sounds disappears.... no recent changes done to the car either...


Thanks in advance!

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