EGR control solenoid wire tests. Do you have comparables?

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EGR control solenoid wire tests. Do you have comparables?

Postby YleKyote » Thu Aug 31, 2023 6:22 pm

1998 Pathfinder 3.3L, automatic, 164,000 miles, stock. Runs real good.

So I'm having a recurring P1400 EGRC Solenoid Valve error come back after erasing codes. It reappears almost immediately after being erased. I don't have any operability issues. No other codes but one that came up after I started running the motor with the solenoid plug disconnected (for testing)...P0443 Evap Emission Purge Control Valve Circuit. But it stopped appearing after I reconnected the solenoid plug.

I looked where the ECM is to access the EGRC Solenoid ground wire and crap is that a pain to get out! So I did these troubleshooting steps to test the Ground wire resistance and the Voltage at the plug wire instead. This is after I tested the valve clicks/opens with 12v injected from a jumper wire. The solenoid appears good, as far as activating manually.

Ground Wire tests: left socket when looking at plug with lock button on top.

Off cold: 500 ohms
Key on cold: 1,200 ohms
Cranked idle Cold: 3,600 ohms.

25 minute idle warm up and short drive, and RPM revs to 3,000.
Off: 500 ohms.
Key On: 1,200 ohms
Cranked at 850-rpm idle: 1,600 ohms before revving, 3,400 ohms after revving 2,000 rpm.
Cranked and held at 2,000 rpm (in Neutral) for 60 seconds: 1,850 ohms.

### VOLTAGE tests ###
Power Wire: right socket.

Using ground wire on solenoid plug (motor cold) --
Off: 0.01v
Key On: 11.9v
Cranked: 14.3v

Using chassis ground frame bolt (motor hot) --
Off: 0.07v
Key on: 12.4v
Cranked: 13.7v
- Battery terminal as ground had same results.

If nobody knows I'm just gonna ignore it because I dont have emissions tests here and it shows no driveability issues either, so likley unimportant.

But I kinda wanted to understand if my EGR is being left open to exhaust or closed, with the signal from the solenoid as-is. Anyone know by chance?


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