When did it happen to you?

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When did it happen to you?

Postby PathyFanatic » Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:17 pm

I will always remember the first time I fell in love with a Pathfinder. I was stuck to my doors in mud & water in my 88 Nissan truck (2 wheel drive). The father of a good friend of mine had a 89 Pathfinder SE 2 door, so she ran home and got it to try to pull mine out.
No one, I mean no one thought that we would be able to get it out, but there in the middle of this huge mud pit, I walked out to knee high mud/water, strapped up the tow hook to the front, and away we went. This is the part I will never forget, sitting behind the wheel of my truck, the Pathfinder started pulling me out. Slowly at first, it just kept pulling. The coolest part was when the Pathfinder started pulling sideways, back and forth I could see all four wheels spinning at different intervals, kicking up mud and water.... it was the neatest thing EVER. From that point I was hooked.
Then I met my high school sweetheart my senior year, and her very first vehicle was a brand spankin new 1995 Pathfinder XE 4x4. At first I think that I dated her just for the Pathfinder!!
Since that time I have owned several Pathfinders, as of now I believe I am at 10 total since getting my license. But now I have found my PERFECT set of Pathfinders, a 95 SE, and a 05 SE.
So thats my story, there has to be more out there, so come on share a little!

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Postby SHAWNATGERBROCK » Mon Feb 12, 2007 1:17 pm

I never liked the Pathifinders .... Had an '01 Frontier CC SC for a while ... Parents have an '02 Xterra SC, but not enough room for us , Then a co worker got an '05 Pathfinder SE .... one look and I loved it ... better engine, interior and suspension , and needed the 7 seating .... so ... I guess I like pathfinders now ....

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Postby boogyman » Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:11 am

One of the guys I worked with had an old '94 Pathfinder. He took it everywhere and hauled anything and everything. He finally traded it in after 260k. Then when my wife was pregnant, she wanted an suv. It just happened that the Pathfinder was redone and fit all her wishes. After test driving Toyota's and the Pathy, it was a no brainer. We traded her Cabrio and now she can't stand being in my low Saab. She still doesn't care for the look, but is happy otherwise.

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Postby Fofiddy » Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:49 pm

I'm going to say when I was 15 (90) and first gained an interst in autos the first thing I gravitated to was the Path and Rodeo.
Unfortunatly untill the 05 came out it was a little too narrow for me (wide shoulders).
In late 04 I was ready to put some money down on a Titan and saw the first 05 Path in the area sitting in the lot, Love at first site (except for the rear end, but that too grew on me). I figured with the money I saved I could always buy a trailer to haul the bikes around.

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Postby AZRoushStang » Wed Feb 14, 2007 10:16 pm

I'll be honest, I didn't really like the old Pathfinder body style. However, since this is my wife's car and she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. Myself, it was when I took one for a test drive and stood on it from a light getting on the freeway and the tires broke loose :twisted:

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