Should I Buy?

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Should I buy it?

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Should I Buy?

Postby BeatenPath » Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:32 pm

***If I'm posting in the wrong section please let me know***

A friend of mine is selling his 1996 SE 4WD Pathfinder and I'm debating whether or not to buy it so I figured I would ask the members of the forum what they thought:

I drive a standard 2001 Chevy Cavalier now (small, cheap to repair & on gas) - My concerns are:

- that I may have to pour tons of money into it because of its age.
- Repairs could be really expensive
- Expensive to fill up

What kind of problems do the rest of the 1996 Pathfinders have?

Here are the details on it:

Its had regular oil changes and has been very well maintained, I would be the second owner.
Tranny replacement last year - Tranny that was put in had 140k
The truck itself has 234k on it
One of the spark plugs is seized in it - would have to remove the head and machine it out
It needs some type of sensor (the engine light is on apparently it cost $640)
Tires are still in good condition
Leather interior
Side rails
Roof rack
Bush guard,
Trailer hitch
Moon roof,
Asking 2200 CAD

Does this sound like a good deal? Should I buy?

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