that infamous INTERLOCK relay

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that infamous INTERLOCK relay

Postby sminker88 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:24 pm

hi,to all on the site..have a 86.5 as they called it Hardbody with the spare on the back of the 2 man drivers side open box SE stlye...149,000 plugs and oil still 4 X 4n' and haven't plowed my driveway in 23 years..up and down up and down with the 31.5 x15s tires.that interlocking relay is random and need a nissan part number and or source to get it..i go to the dealers and they have a hell of a time ID ing it .then on the forums everybody is having that random no start when down on the clutch....any help thanks....shold of took my neighbors advice in 92' and put a cover over the body after the garage got packed up with stuff and she had to sleep outside ...little rust but love it don't see to many with the tire in the box mounted behing the drivers head...

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