Cherry Hill Nissan, Cherry Hill, NJ

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Cherry Hill Nissan, Cherry Hill, NJ

Postby blink32 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 4:43 am

Other than the initial purchase experience I have had two other encounters with Cherry Hill Nissan.

The first was back when I initially finished installing my OME lift. Called on say a Tuesday and got an appointment a few days later for an alignment. The whole appointment booking experience was very odd to say the least. They only asked for my first name, no phone number, no VIN, nothing. Maybe this is the norm at other dealers also? Anyways, show up 10 mins early to my early morning appt and low and behold no record of me being on any schedule. Effing great. On a positive note the Service Manager gets me into a bay right away but then the mechanic comes out and says they can't get the alignment tools on my wheels. Load of BS or truth? Ehh, I'll error on the side of truth as I did have over-sized tires on by that point and they indicated their setup needs a lip to grab on to. It doesn't hold much water but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. In and out within 15 mins with no service provided. At-least I didn't wait around forever just to get left in the dust in the end. :-/

Last week I begrudgingly called again to schedule an appointment for maintenance. For some time I have been hearing squeaking/grinding sounds on startup in the AM or after sitting for a long while. It would be all of a second or less and I never bothered to mess with it. After checking out that Fofiddy posted I found TSB NTB06-072a. Again, while making the appointment was only asked for my first name and no other info, not even a call back phone number. Very odd to me but I guess they bank on people just not showing up and over book? At any rate I printed out 2 copies of the TSB fully expecting to go in there and have a fight. Got there 10 minutes before my 7am appt, was checked in right away, mechanic had my path. They went out and verified was was going on and rather than the old "can not duplicate" they must have actually checked the system and found the TSB. Mechanic came to the service desk with the parts and had the Service Writer call me up. They verified I would be able to stay around another hour to make sure the parts were replaced or else we could reschedule. I stayed. Was all fixed and out the door by 8am.

At this point I give the place around a 75% satisfaction rating. They messed up the first appt, but kind of made good on it. The 2nd went off with out an issue. I have heard reports of them trying to take advantage of people on non-warranty work but I didn't experience that so take this with a grain of salt.

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