Few noob questions about 4 wheel drive

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Few noob questions about 4 wheel drive

Postby Firehawk » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:17 am

Guy's I am picking up a 93 Pathfinder from a relative next week or so and I am starting to do my homework on the truck's history, known issues, etc. This is my 1st 4 wheel drive vehicle and I am curious about a few things. I already came across the ATX external cooler mod, I am going to do that for sure. Possibly a set of reduction transfer gears~ I like the idea of that added power plus the engine won't have to work as hard.

This one's front hubs say Automatic on them, the window sticker has the rear LSD listed under options and my Aunt is pretty sure it's never even been put into 4 wheel drive. 110K miles, automatic trans V6

Sooooo at this point I would like to know do I need to service the transfer case or anything at all before I try to mess with the 4 wheel drive system? I noticed the rear diff is leaking from the filler hole, I will take care of that ASAP, don't want to burn the LSD up..

I basically just want to maintain it properly so it lasts a very long time. And with the hubs, what are the steps to go into 4 wheel mode? And 4 low is for walking/ crawling only correct? Do you have to drive backwards to dis-engage the hubs b/c they are autos?

Sorry for the long post :)


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