Pathfinder After Hurricane Sandy

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Pathfinder After Hurricane Sandy

Postby dmartin324 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:52 pm

Here are some pics of my 2011 Pathfinder Silver after Sandy. Here in CT Sandy wasn't too bad if you weren't on the water, but was very windy. Many trees came down all over in my area so driving around the day after was almost like off-roading with all the debris everywhere (not really). It was actually much dirtier than it seems but since I took the pictures with my iPhone rather than my camera, which I could not charge since I had no power, the truck does not seem as bad. Just detailed it today and she sure cleans up nicely.

I am also looking to make some mods in the near future, however I don't want to spend too much on it (needs tires anyways so that's ok). I haven't looked much into anything specifically so suggestions and pictures of what worked well/didn't work for you would be great:

Tires: Looking for some heftier tires than the OEMs, but not too ridiculous

Wheels: Not sure yet what I want to do here, either paint the current ones black, get 18" LE rims and paint those, or get some other rims.

Lift: I'm possibly looking into lifting it around 2" to give it a greater presence on the road if I can find an inexpensive and simple option without having to do the entire suspension.

Headlights: I know that aftermarket projection headlights are not currently available but as soon as they are I want to put on some projection Xenons.

Air-Intake: My ultimate goal here is to get an Escalade/GMC Yukon Denali sound but not too sure how to do that. I came across the NISMO cold air intake which will help the sound out some and is not too expensive to do.

Nav/Radio: I currently have the display in my car, but I would like to get a touchscreen navigation module for it, but that doesn't seem to be possible either. I am happy with the Bose sound system it comes with, so I am not looking for any changes there.


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Postby parallel » Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:23 pm

Did you flood with tidal surge? If so I hope you took her through a car wash with a good undercarriage wash cycle soon after. That's what I did with mine and also with my wife's car. My 1994 Chevy z71 got forgot about though and now I'm paying the price in locked up bearings and universal joints.

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