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Howdy from Montero-ville, Colorado (ya know those diff mount.bolts?)

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2023 8:47 pm
by YleKyote
Yowdy, I'm Willie
I like this site but dude are those ads outta control! :oops: My Mitsubishi web may be few but we live in style with no pop-ups. My favorite stock SUV are the Monteros 3.8L. I have 2 gen3, and owned 4. Have had all the prior gens too. All used by several owners and with 150,000 miles or more on them. They are built tough. Just check the oil at every fill-up, bc they leaky b's. The Sports are not for me but the Ltd's are deluxe. I wouldn't want a Sport unless it was free. I dislike low rooflines and small glass. The R50 Pathfinder is as low as I can take. My mountains have more than 230,000 miles and still run great. 16 to 18mph city to highway.

I flipped (for $) a 1st gen Pathfinder once about 8 years ago and always liked the design as an SUV, but never came across a good one for a keeper until recently. That one was beat to crap as a manual and sharp even with the dents because it was all black.

So I got a 1998 3.3L 4x4 with a perfectly crankshaft abused 3.3L. :lol: Came with a knock like no other I've owned. But did my wife like the color and how clean it was inside...a dark metallic plum and an elderly couple owned it for about 15 to 20 year so interior is pristine.

Finally got a used motor from eBay in it. So far, so good. I liked the original better bc It had 60,000 less miles on it and ran like a cherry, but that's used stuff. An occasional PITA is to be expected. And I paid $1,000 for it as-is, not too bad.

From Western Colorado, near Glenwood Springs. If you're around I have an open schedule for beer and brats. Feel free to zap a DM.

I do have a (perfectly good other than crank needing one or two journals machined and all polished) vg33e long block with some accessories and top end pieces. DM for that also. Good spare parts motor that I will rebuild eventually if kept, I just don't have room for it yet. $300. 161,000 miles on it.

And feel free to tell me what dang bolt sizes go through the frame into the front differential mounts (there's 8 total, 4 on each end). As I need those now. Too many are broken or missing from forgetful mechanics. It would be great if someone just knew from dealing with them recently. :wink:

Well I tried to post pics of path and the engine but they're too big. Off to a good start lol

Re: Howdy from Montero-ville, Colorado (ya know those diff mount.bolts?)

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2023 6:45 am
by palmerwmd
Welcome to thenissanpath!

I'll let more sage members answer your questions 8)