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Ultima products

Postby NVSteve » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:42 pm

This is just a quickie review for those who are interested. I ordered up some of the Ultima car care products last month & finally used yesterday. I bought 2 items: the Ultima Paint Prep Plus, which is a polisher (includes applicator sponge), and Ultima Paint Guard Plus, which is a spray (also includes applicator sponge).

Paint Prep Plus: this is supposed to remove all of the crap that soaps can't. I was able to remove a number of water spots myself. It goes on quite easily, although it's still a pain to do by hand. Scrub it on, buff it off. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying an orbiter before I decide to do this again. Anyway, after I buffed it, the finish was very clean & glossy. I'd say it looks fine by itself, but I opted to also buy the>>

Paint Guard Plus: I bought the cheap version, which is a 4 oz. spray bottle. You simply put 1 or 2 spritzes on the applicator sponge, then wipe it all over your paint. You can even do this in direct sunlight. The problem I had was that I couldn't see where I had just been for the life of me. It isn't like a good old wax that is obvious to the blind. I had to squat down and look at the paint from various angles to see anything. After applying, it just dries clear. No buffing or anything else is required. I ended up applying this in the cold and dark last night, so a few spots didn't look like they were drying. I just buffed those out & it looks fine. The resulting finish looks just like any other wax, at least to my eyes. Very shiny & extremely slick/slippery to the touch. Driving in to work this morning, all the ice defrosted on my hood and completely beaded up like it would with wax. I still have enough of the stuff left for maybe 3 or 4 more applications, because so little is used. I'd say it is extremely similar to Aquapel, which I use on my windshield, at least in concept. It's a bit strange being able to "wax" your entire car in ~10 minutes.

The only bad thing is that by using these products, I uncovered tons of tiny little paint chips from flying rock & whatever else. If I waxed my car every freakin' week like some people, I could probably notice a clearer difference when using this product. Suffice it to say that I'll be going back to something I can see & work with (P21S) when I use up all the remaining Ultima.

I took a photo, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't show much of anything helpful:


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Postby [email protected] Gr33k » Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:35 pm

OOOHHHHH, Shiny. 8)

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