DIY: Deodorizing A Vehicle's Interior (Vid Tut)

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DIY: Deodorizing A Vehicle's Interior (Vid Tut)

Postby ProStreetDriver » Sat Nov 12, 2011 5:09 pm

This video demonstrates how to remove any smells/odors in your vehicle's ventilation system. This is a special solution which is used by dealerships, garages, and car lots that is sprayed directly into your vehicle's heater/air conditioning system that kills any foul smells. This can be used to remove any odors from dust, smoke, manure, smoking, oil, etc.

Simply spray the solution in the vehicle's vents with the fan off, also spray in the intake outside air duct, turn vehicle on, start fan on highest setting, and let the solution recirculate through the vehicle for approximately 20 minutes. Do not breathe the solution in.

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