DIY: Engine Bay Washing (Video)

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DIY: Engine Bay Washing (Video)

Postby ProStreetDriver » Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:32 pm

How to wash dirt, grease, or grim away from your engine bay. Make sure your engine is cool when you do this procedure. Spray the solution onto the engine and around the engine bay, let it soak for approximately 5 minutes, then continue to rinse off with hose or pressure washer. Let engine dry for a few hours to prevent the vehicle from running rough.

The soap I used in this video is called Spray Nine, but I'm sure there is other cleaners available which will do the same job.

Areas to take caution around when washing:
-spark plugs
-spark plug wires
-fuse panel
-oil filling places (engine oil, transmission oil, power steering)
-brake fluid reservoir
-air filter

To protect any areas you are worried about water entering, you can cover it up with a plastic bag.

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Postby CHILI442 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:22 pm

Always cover the throttle position sensor with a piece of foil. Some older ones don't like water. I'm lucking to have a car wash within a half mile of my house. I start the vehicle up (cold) and drive straight there which doesn't put much heat into the engine. I use the engine/tire cleaner stuff and go over it, but before that I rinse off the fenders and bumpers to protect them from the cleaner. After going over the engine spraying the cleaner into every little nook and cranny, I set the hood down, switch to soap and clean the car off. After rinsing the car off, I'll open the hood and rinse the cleaner off. The key is to just rinse it off. Don't squeeze the handle and blast the shit out of it. Just get the cleaner off. Remove the foil and drive home. After a good mile drive the heat completely dries the engine compartment. No need to let it sit out in the sun all day with the hood open. When I get home I give the vehicle and good hand washing and then detail the engine compartment if I feel like it. I do this to all my vehicles once a year. And another thing, it's easier to get the car wash wand down in tight areas than it is a spray bottle or garden hose.

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