DIY: Automotive Upholstery Shampooing (Video)

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DIY: Automotive Upholstery Shampooing (Video)

Postby ProStreetDriver » Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:25 am

How to shampoo/clean the carpet and fabric within your vehicle's interior. This video includes both the floor carpet and fabric seats. This method can also be applied to the fabric which is located on some door cards, depending on the vehicle. This video does not cover how to shampoo a headliner.

What is needed:
-wet/dry shop vacuum
-upholstery/fabric cleaner/soap
-brush (I use a tooth brush in the video)

How it's done:
-vacuum fabric/carpeted areas free of dust/dirt
-lightly spray soap onto material
-if there is stains, spray a little extra onto that area
-let the soap soak in for a few minutes
-if stains, rub with brush in multiple directions
-rub down areas with cloth in multiple directions
-vacuum area removing access water and dirt
-leave the windows or doors open for a day to allow the material to air dry

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