High pressure Power Steering Hose leaking

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High pressure Power Steering Hose leaking

Postby disallow » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:58 am

Good day to all,

Was doing an oil change and some minor work on the 05 pathy yesterday. I had noticed difficulty steering on a cold start a few days ago, so I was prepared to check the PS fluid level. It was low.

Upon inspection, the pressure hose is soaked in oil from top to bottom. I am fairly certain its leaking. But what I have also seen, at extreme cold temps (-30C and lower) is that the PS fluid overflows and goes everywhere, which could also explain why the hose is soaked.

I figure I will degrease everything and check it in a few days to see what things look like. But I anticipate I will be changing the hose.

I found a hose at RockAuto from Edelmann for $52 canadian plus shipping, so not too bad. The hose comes with the upper banjo fitting, as well as the solid tubing piece that attaches to the rack.

Looks like to replace it I need to disconnect the hose from the top, remove the PS pressure sensor, remove the bracket on frame rail below, and disconnect from the rack. I haven't checked for accessibility at the rack side yet, and can't find any videos anywhere showing the procedure. But the Repair Pal time looks to be about 1.5hrs, so I am assuming its not too bad.



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