2005 4x4 Pathy decision between kits

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2005 4x4 Pathy decision between kits

Postby mpilihp » Tue May 12, 2020 5:35 pm

So my tires are bad, rears wore hard on the inside and the rear shocks are shot. I want to fix the bottoming out issue in the back as well so now is the time to do a lift if Im going to.

Im looking at two kits the first is from 4x4parts.com

https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18915784-del ... ckage.html
Front has adjustable Blisteins and rear is Blisteins as well and provides 1.75 inch of lift.

The second is the Ironman 1.5in lift and has springs and shocks for both.
https://ironman4x4america.com/categorie ... &Year=2005

The Ironman is a lot more expensive so Id rather do number 1.

My concern is in reading all the threads about upgrades and the need for putting in the cam bolts and sometimes the off set bushings and all the issues people have run in to.

4x4parts says no new cam bolts or offset bushings are needed for theirs as its less than 2 inches. Is that true??

If its a concern still for either of these kits then I will probably just go with new Moog springs in the rear and Blisteins for now and then do the adjustable blistiens in the front set to whatever is needed to make it level with the rear.

As for tires I do want to go bigger but ok with what is doable without a lift. I have read that I can fit 265/75R16s under it without major hacking of the inner fender. Any other larger options for a 16in rim?

Thanks for the help

~ Phil

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