P1819 can't go further anymore

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P1819 can't go further anymore

Postby samlego2 » Wed May 13, 2020 3:28 pm

Hi, new to the forum and french speaking so i will try my best to describe my problem here in a readable english... :roll:

Some info:
Pathfinder R51 V 2011 with the 4WD (not the AUTO4WD)

First, before taking off my front bumper to do some welding (off the car, so no i did'nt weld on the car) the 4WD system was all working, not error code.

After putting it back and going for a ride, at the start, the 4WD lamp got on and the car shematic disapear... Nice...

Got my code off my reader: P1819 and no other code beside my TPMS as i don't have them since i bought the car.
When i do the self diagnosis, i get DTC13 on the 4WD lamp.
I found the entire service manual so did go the section of P1819, do everything as i can with my multimeter.
Every stage of troubleshooting go to OK, no trouble found everything should work as marked.

I replaced all 4 relays of the transfer case with old laying around AND some at the junkyard (tried them in every pattern with 10 unit different, those can't all be dead).
Replaced the TCU with one of the junkyard and same code.

I removed the Transfer case actuator and opened it.
All clear here, no water or oil inside, motor work both way when on bench test, every contact of the wheel have continuity and aren't burn.

Back to my code reader, on LIVE data, i tried rolling the contact wheel to see state change and yep, every Shift POS SW1-2-3-4 work and give signal.

Now i'm lost and don't have anymore clue what to do beside making a handwheel to when i need 4WD. go under and crank it (like a friend on his 4Runner) :lol: .

Down here is my Live Data. I can see that SW1 and SW3 are ON (since i was in 2WD before the trouble appear) but the #11 4WD MODE have a status of 4H (like if i was in 4H).

Be my hero, as the stealer is not a option now when buying an house.Image

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