S-trim front tow hooks?

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S-trim front tow hooks?

Postby Amoun » Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:36 pm

Hey guys,

This may be a think-headed questions and I can say I legitimately tried.
I am looking to install tow hooks at the front but there simply is no place for them. I googled it, went into the manual. They are displayed there and the location but there is not even a tab to pop open to screw them in as the bumped is solid.
However, since they are on the manual, I assume there obviously is a place to install them...which begs a question: how? Literally cut holes in the bumper?

I wanted to give the front a bit more character (and versatility) and character aside, I can not even imagine where it can be attached if pulled out of deep snow, for example.

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