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heating / climate control

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:21 pm
by ralphwiggums
just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

i'm up in the seattle area, so it's somewhat chilly these days and at night. i set my temp to around 70 and the heat blows nicely. well, after driving for say 20min or so, and after the cabin is ok warm, the heat seems to stop and then just cool air blows.

i have the ac off and have tried it with and w/o recirculating, but the heat just doesn't come back - unless i turn the temp up more. The rear passenger heat still blows, but the front seems cool.

i find it hard to believe that this would be normal....

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:29 pm
by boogyman
Sounds like it's trying to keep the temperature constant. AKA doing it's job. If it starts getting cold then something is wrong.

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 2:04 pm
by RacerZX
It's an automatic AC system, you aren't setting the output temp, you're setting what you would like the cabin temp to be. Usually somewhere between 76 and 80 is comfy for me, pending on what I'm wearing, and naturally the system blows hard at first and then calms down as the cabin reaches the set temp.

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 6:08 am
by boogyman
Ok I figured out what you are noticing. The same thing happens in my Saab. Cool air is sent out of the dash defoggers to keep the windshield from fogging up. When I was driving my wife's pathy this weekend. I noticed the cool air coming off the windshield. Hope this clears things up for you.

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:53 am
by G35TR
Did you happened to noticed if the air blew cold when you came to a stop and just idled? Check out my post in another thread here if this is the case.

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:05 am
by boogyman
G35TR wrote:Did you happened to noticed if the air blew cold when you came to a stop and just idled?
Do you mean out the defoggers? I did notice the cool air out the defoggers when idling. The hot air should be coming out the floor vents. I only drive it on the weekends pretty much, but I'll probably be taking it tonight for dinner. So I'll investigate further and let you know.