2013 Pathfinder... how disappointing...

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New or old?

Postby 56nomad56 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:48 pm

We decided to replace our '08 PF 4x4 in January. My wife and I looked at the new pathfinder but she was not impressed. We ended up with a 2011 SE 4x4 w/ leather and Bose that we found new at a local dealership that had been on their lot for over a year. Sticker $38K and we walked out at $31K including tax license and fees.

Yes, it's old tech but I asked my wife a few days ago what kind of car she would get if she would replace it, and she said "I love my Pathfinder!"

We may have the lowest-mileage 2011 on the planet (6K miles) but it will build quickly with 2-3 trips a year to AZ and UT from southern California. Sales are up for the new Pathfinders but I probably won't see too many out in the boonies.

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Postby jenny1982 » Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:47 am

I'm a mommy and even I looked at the new 2013/2014 models and shook my head - that is NOT an SUV, that's a minivan wannabe like the Traverse. I can't stand the new redesigns on the midsize SUVs (Explorer looks minivan-y too) - if you want rugged, you gotta upgrade to the big boys. I'm glad I found a great 2012 - it's my first ever Nissan after owning GM products and it drives awesome. I will say that we did test drive a 2013 and the interior is great, but I just can't get past the design, sorry, I'm a Texas gal, I like my trucks to look like trucks!

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Postby NH07r51 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:20 pm

Hey guys so after thinking about this i realized that the Armada, may be our saving grace, as long as you dont mind giving up some gas mileage, 19 highway and 13 city, then its a great fit. And mind you that gas mileage gives you a 5.6 liter V8. Can tow up to 9000 lbs,and has a self leveling, independent, rear suspension... Upgrade from our R51's dare i say Crap. And for safety, airbags respond to crash severity, occupants weight, and whether or not they are wearing their seatbelt. The interior also looks fantastic with two tone leather, wood grain interior, and good nav/entertainment packages. Starting around 38k

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