No Juice for Power Sockets in 2001 Pathfinder

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No Juice for Power Sockets in 2001 Pathfinder

Postby TexasPathfinder » Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:52 am

Replaced each fuse related to the power sockets both inside and in the engine bay. And still there is no power to any sockets. This happened using a tire inflater that plugged into the power outlet aka cigarette lighter. The DC plug on the tire inflater was really hot when I accidentally brushed my finger across it.

Pulled off the center facia and removed and inspected the socket. Nothing burnt. And there was a bit of rust in it, but I sanded it clean.

This is the 3rd time this has happened. And previously all that ever happened was I replaced a fuse. After I checked this time and saw no burnt fuse, I checked all of them. (And of course now, I wished I'd had thrown that piece of crap away and just bought an air compressor.)

As far as my research into the manual goes, what I need is a Power Socket Relay. But I cannot seem to find the part.

And well, they've located it in a doozie of a place too! I have no idea how I am suppose to get my hand in there. I might just bring it to the same guy I paid to put on my shocks & struts.

The schematic that shows what I think I need to replace is on page 1618 of the Nissan Pathfinder 2001 Workshop Manual PDF. The manual I found is linked here. ... al/5529487

Any ideas if this is the right relay that needs to be replaced? And if this is the right relay, where do I buy it? I cannot find it on Rock Auto.
Thank you!

Tony C

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