Advice Needed

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Advice Needed

Postby MadDogJacoby » Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:15 am

So I took my pathy apart, overhauled it while doing the timing/water pump at 200,000miles. Did the knock sensor, replaced all the tubing both pcv and heater hoses. Replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the MAF, intake, and throttle body. Probably did more I can't rememeber. Replaced fuel filter and pump. Even got the crank position sensor, that was a real POS.

When I went to turn it, it turned over, no ignition. I checked about everything. Fuel was good, there was spark present, I checked the MCCS relay (something close to that), but according to the Haynes Manual, after the relay and checking the wiring, its a ECU/IAC issue.

So i sent the ECU in and got it worked on. Do you have any advice for me before I put it all back together?

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