2017 SR Turbo issues

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2017 SR Turbo issues

Postby rickgaryson » Sat May 11, 2019 12:02 am

Hey everyone,

I'm taking to the forums as the dealer is unwilling to help in this situation, or they want me to pay for diagnostics when it's only an intermittent issue.

Here it goes

A few months ago I noticed the car hesitating to start. It would crank for a full cycle and turn off. I would try again, and it wasn't until I pushed the pedal down a bit it would finally fire up, and idle very...rough.https://redtube.onl/ https://beeg.onl/ https://spanktube.vip/spankbang/

There seems to be no common reason why this is occuring. The car has done it when its warm and has a full tank, cold and has an empty tank, when its been sitting for 10 minutes and when its been sitting for 2 days.

I have checked my octane levels, done a direct injection clean, cleaned the throttle body and did a relearn, checked spark plugs and fuel pressure, even did a fresh oil change and replaced filters. EVEN THEN, with everything checked, cleaned and replaced, it still has issues starting frequently but not frequently enough to be diagnosed.

I am completely out of ideas. I use ethanol free fuel, liquimoly or mobil1 0w20 oil and oem filter. I have replaced everything I can possibly think of to try and remedy this situation.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any idea where the hell I can look into being my issue.
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Postby smj999smj » Sat May 11, 2019 2:32 am

I would recommend trying a forum that specializes in your specific vehicle. Last time I checked, there wasn't any 2017 Pathfinders with an "SR" trim and a turbo, although I'm sure there are a few that wish there was!

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