2005 Valve body Questions

Discussion topics related to the radiator and transmission failures in all Nissan trucks, education of the public on this issue, and attempts to force Nissan to start a recall.

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2005 Valve body Questions

Postby 7th&worst » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:20 pm

Hello all, new to this forum but not new to Nissans we have had 7 now my wife and I and this is simply the worst vehicle I have ever bought. I’ve had worse given to me and some of them operated better than this one. First the PO bought it brand new and has had all work done at the dealer and I mean everything. At 120k he felt the transmission slip and he says he parked it within a couple days of the first slip and it sat for a year at his house til he offered it to me. I bought it after some research and found the strawberry shake inside the trans so tried to do the flush with the two hoses from the transmission but one dumped a little out and the other did not suck up the new fluid so removed the pan and the valve body and let it sit for a few days draining while i replaces the radiator and went brought the valve body cleaning solenoids and springs and everything. I have a couple of problems now, after 15 min of driving the fluid is so hot it burns it up after a weeks of driving to where I have to drain it all out and replace it then it drives pretty good and gets progressively worse as the fluid burns, the trans is still slipping just not as bad with new fluid. I read that the limo mode keeps the trans protected so that a new valve body and TCM is all we need to replace does that sound right? I have a trans cooler from a Land Rover that’s 14†by 30†with dual fans that I was going to install over the small one I already replaced the factory cooler Second the low beams just quit a couple days ago and I have checked all fuses and relays my scanner says Can bus issues and there is a plastic ring around my negative battery cable that looks like it was cut on by someone, does anyone know what that part is and if it has to do with headlights. Thank you.

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