My Pathy and the Nissan Personal Navigation Device


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My Pathy and the Nissan Personal Navigation Device

Postby rlh2005 » Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:30 pm

Ok, here are three crude pictures I took with my Blackberry last night.


I installed the dock last night. It was a fairly simple install. Only dropped one screw in the dash cavity (thank goodness for magnetic pickup tools) and one scrapped knuckle. The hardest part for me was being careful to not scratch or gouge the dash. I haven't taken a dash apart in a while or one as complex as the Pathy.

I selected the Nuvi 760 to go in the dock. Even though the Nuvi 760 included a cigarette lighter adapter with a FM traffic receiver, I stuck with the dock's wiring harness. The FM traffic option is $60/year subscription (the 760 includes 3 free months). I don't think I need FM traffic between since Sirius's WashDC traffic channel, WTOP, and my Blackberry. Plus, I can use the Nuvi in other vehicles with the CLA.

We played with the Nuvi 760 during a trip to the local mall and back tonight. It works well enough. Only complaint so far is the maps are a little off. They have my house 200 feet up the street from actual location. It's not a GPS drift/error issue as the "where I am" is correct.

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