Door panel rattling?


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Door panel rattling?

Postby hillsinfrance » Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:54 am

I have an 06 French Pathfinder LHD
Ever since we have had it we have a few rattles -
1 from the front passenger door handle inside,
1 from the drivers handle - above the window /ceiling
1 from the drivers window bottom left hand corner.

When it has been into the garage they cant find the source which is really frustrating as if you dont have the radio on it drives me maaaddddd!!!!

Also the passenger window - when we put it up it starts making a cracking creaking noise for about 5 minutes.

Has anyone any ideas - any easy solutions that dont involve a sledgehammer!!!! :x :x

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Re: Door panel rattling?

Postby Gray » Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:16 am

hillsinfrance wrote:Ever since we have had it we have a few rattles
Welcome to the forum Hillsinfrance, when this truck was new we had a similar problem in one door. I took it to the dealership where we bought the truck but they were no help as they didn't have a dedicated auto body shop so took the truck to another larger local dealership which had the problem fixed in about an hour; different skill levels depending on which shop and not all dealerships have the same level of experienced workers. Another option would be to take the truck to an independent autobody shop or tech willing to spend the time to find and fix the rattles.

I usually remove vehicle inside door panels off myself though, drive around and find which piece is rattling and either do adjustments or install thin foam, plastic shims, tape etc to control the noise. Removing the panels also serves to gain access to clean dust from the inside of the doors where rust will start and install anti-corrosion treatments, rust converter/primer coat allowed to dry for a few days and then followed by an oil/wax rust barrier.

In the first North American 05 model year of the Frontiers and PF's I've read of a few door and dash noise problems but from 06 and on the NA models are fairly rattle free as few post complaints.


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