Got the pre-Winter service done

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Got the pre-Winter service done

Postby Gray » Sat Sep 20, 2008 5:19 pm

I used a drive through lube place as I don't have time this week to do a full oil change service myself, and couldn't wait for 2 weeks on a booked dealership appointment.

Transmission drain and refill + 4 liters Nissan Matic-J ATF $85
Front diff + 1 quart Amsoil 75W-110 full synthetic gear oil $55
Rear diff + 2 quarts Amsoil 75W-110 full synthetic gear oil $75
Engine oil change + 5 liters Mobil 1 0W-40 + Amsoil/Donaldson Ea nanofiber type oil filter $92
Transfer case drain and refill with BG full synthetic Dexron III type ATF $68
Power steering flush and refill with BG synthetic PSF $110
Air filter Amsoil/Donaldson Ea nanofiber type $40

All good to about -50 C temperatures for a total of $525

The big surprise was in changing the power steering from factory fill to a synthetic steering system fluid, the steering now feels like driving a luxury car and as the oil is a lot thinner claims to be much better for cold weather conditions and easier on the pump, seals and drive belt.

The second upside is that the transmission shifting has returned to crisp as new, I hadn't realized how much the ATF viscosity properties had degraded and also surprising considering the truck has less than 25,000 miles.

After I have some kilometers on these I'll post some used oil analysis to show how the diffs, TC and engine are liking the new fluids in terms of wear metals and if the Amsoil air and oil filters are reducing UOA engine oil silicon (dirt) levels.


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